Quick Comebacks to Stupid Comments
Grande Prairie Animal Rights Crew
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Quick comebacks to stupid questions/comments!

Has anyone ever thrown a question or comment at you on animal rights, and you were too surprised to think of an answer? Don't be caught off-guard, remember these!

Comment: It says in the bible that God gives us control over the animals, so it's okay to eat them or wear them!
Comeback: Actually, it says that God gives us dominion over the animals, not control. They are two completely different things. The queen of England has dominion over her country, but that doesn't mean she gets to wear, kill, test on, or use them for entertainment.
Comment: Ew! How can you eat tofu? That's disgusting!
Comeback: What's more disgusting than putting a hunk of tortured, murdered flesh in your mouth, that was probably even diseased at one point in it's miserable life?
Comment: Animals were put on Earth for humans to use.
Comeback: No, animals were on the planet millions of years before humans were. That's a fact. Everything serves a purpose to the ecosystem. That's a fact. How vain can you get to say that they are for our use? There is no proof that they are our's to use as we please, you are simply stating an opinion as a fact.
Comment: What about the Inuit and Native tribes? They kill animals to survive. Are you saying they should just starve or freeze?
Comeback: Actually, only a few tribes in North America still use animals as clothes, etc., but the ones who did and do need animals to survive. They don't have alternatives like tofu or soy, or cotton, polyester, faux fur, and pleather. They take what they need, when they need it, and they don't shove thousands into a filthy shed and hang cows upside down/slit their throats, or throw live chickens into a vat of boiling water. Plus, they use all the parts of the animal; hooves, bones, fur, hide, organs, etc.
Comment: We need meat to survive! There's vitamins in meat that you can't get in anything else!
Comeback: Not true. If there are minerals in the animal's body, where do they get it from? The truth is, lentils, beans, spinich, nuts/seeds, tofu, and soy, are all extremely rich in protien, some, even moreso than meat. They also contain many other minerals and vitamins.There are alternatives for meat, fish, milk and dairy, eggs, leather, fur, basically everything.
Comment: Not buying that leather coat won't help anything. It's already dead, anyways. Not buying it would just waste it.
Comeback: Right and wrong. It is already dead, but it will help by not buying it. When you buy a leather/fur coat, it increases the demand. When the demand increases, they kill more animals for coats.
Comment: Farmers have to treat their animals well, or they won't produce as many eggs or as much milk.
Comeback: gAnimals on factory farms do not produce milk or eggs because they are happy and well looked after, they do it because the "farmers" inject them with hormones medications. Today, animals are also killed at extremely early ages, before disease and misery kill them.
Comment: Vegetarianism is a personal choice. Don't force it on everyone else.
Comeback: We are not forcing vegetarianism, that would mean we are telling people they have to be a vegetarian. We are simply educating the people who are not aware of the cruelties of factory farming.
Comment: Isn't hunting okay if I eat what I kill?
Comeback: Did the fact that Jeffrey Dahmer ate his victims after killing them justify what he did? What is done with the corpse after it is killed does not lessen the victim's suffering.
Comment: Most animals that we use are bred for clothing, entertainment, testing on, or food.
Comeback: Being bred for a certain purpose does not change the animal's biological capacity to feel pain.
Comment: If animals weren't meant to eat, God wouldn't have made them taste so good!
Comeback: Humans taste like pork. Wanna go munch on that guy over there?
Comment: I'd much rather concern myself with human rights and helping people.
Comeback: That comment was extremely vain. First of all: We should help wherever we can. Second, We need the earth and animals in order to live, humans aren't the only creatures in pain.
Comment: You can just pick the meat off of the salad!
Comeback: Okay. I'll tell you what: I'll defecate in your food, and you can just pick that off. Yeah, that's pretty much the same for me.