Alternatives to Fabrics and Foods
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Alternatives to Fabrics

Leather: Pleather, vinyl, rubber, latex, nylon, hemp are all better for the animals and the environment.
Fur: Polyester, cotton, and acrilic can be made into faux fur that feels and looks the same as real stuff, but without the suffering and killing.
Silk: Polyester can be made to feel like silk, and satin has the same smooth, soft texture.
Wool: Polyester and cotton come in handy here, too.

Vegan shoes, clothes, and accessories!

*Wool/Cashmere... Many people believe that shearing sheep helps animals who might otherwise be burdened with too much wool. But without human interference, sheep grow just enough wool to protect themselves from temperature extremes. The fleece provides effective insulation against both cold and heat. Wool was once obtained by plucking it from the sheep during molting seasons. Breeding for continuous fleece growth began after the invention of shears.

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Down and Silk