What's wrong with the GP Pet Shop?
Grande Prairie Animal Rights Crew

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Overcrowded conditions, rough handling, and misinformation...

Upon a quick stop at the Grande Prairie Pet Shop, GPARC discovered horrible care of the animals at this store. Examples:
*In a 2 x 2 x 1.5"  bird cage, five ring-neck doves were seen with no room to move or stretch.
*In the 15-gallon mouse/hamster vivariums, each held between 50 and 65 rodents. The maximum amount of mice suggested for this size of tank is between 5 and 10 mice.
*At the back of one of the vivariums, five day-old mice lay, being stepped on and scratched by other mice. When the pet store owner was notified, here's what she had to say:
"Oh no, it's okay. Mice are great parents, and they actually take better care of their babies when there's lots of other mice around. These babies are already a few days old, see?" Then she proceded to pick up one of the babies, toss it from hand to hand, then drop it back into the vivarium. In reality, if the mother and baby mice are not isolated from the rest of the adults, the tiny rodents will be killed. Also, if they are touched by human hands, the mother kills or stops caring for them.

*Geckos, snakes, and other reptiles were seen in tiny, two-gallon vivariums, with no bedding, no hidey caves(which are essential to prevent stress), and improper lighting/heating.
*Firebelly newts missing legs and tails were in a filthy tank. When owner was asked about this, she replied with "No, it's okay. He probably got in a fight or another newt chewed it off. He'll grow his leg back."

Animals at this store are mistreated and overcrowded, and the owner of the store gives out misinformation. The conditions, many times, are fatal to animals. Birds, rodents, fish, and reptiles are all suffering under the conditions of this store. Please send a polite letter, telling the owner that you will not be shopping at that store until she reconsiders the way she treats and houses these animals.

Please mail her at:

Grande Prairie Pet Shop
9807-99 Avenue
Grande Prairie, AB  T8V 0R3


Or, call to talk to her in person


*Pictures soon to come*