Calf Roping
Grande Prairie Animal Rights Crew

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What's calf roping? What's wrong with it?

A basic description: During calf roping, running at speeds of up to 27 miles per hour, terrified calves are chased by a "cowboy" around a pen, hundreds of people from the "audience" jeering and laughing. Once she is tackled by the cowboy, he picks her up, throws her to the ground, binds her legs roughly with a piece of ropes, picks her up again, and then body slams her into the dirt. Mud in her eyes partially blocks her view of the audience, now roaring with cheers and laughter.
The calves may suffer paralysis, throat and neck injuries, and broken bones. Many die. Calves have become paralyzed from severe spinal cord injury, and their tracheas have been totally or partially severed.

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