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AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sorry. You know what I loathe? How people are like "Oh, I'd rather dedicate myself to human rights and helping starving kids. Why aren't you?"
What the heck? How vain is that? Humans are not the only creatures on earth that suffer, okay? Get it through your thick skull! We should help wherever we can! I think ppl should help where they can, and not be so pig-headed. I mean, humans aren't the only ones suffering, that's stupid. What about animals and the environment? We all need each other in order to survive.
I noticed this on "The Planet's Funniest Animals" last week. The host says "Wouldn't it be great to be a race horse? You get great food, fantastic medical care, and all you have to do is run for a couple of minutes a day. Then, when you can't run, you get to retire and hang out with all the girl horses. Is it any wonder everyone's trying to get in on it?"
The truth is, he's lieing. Arg. Racehorses are fed drugs and hormones, run and if they lose, get whipped and beaten. Spend their lives in a tiny trailer, sitting in unheated sheds all winter long, then, when they can't run, get shipped off to the glue factory. NOT fun. God.

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